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Hi and welcome to Light Bulb AtoZ. We are a website all about light bulbs.

Whether you want to know about the history of the light bulb or find the best one to buy, we aim to help you.

We provide a wide range of articles and blog posts on the following topics

  • History of light bulbs and lighting
  • Answering your questions
  • Providing advice
  • Reviews


Of course in order to understand the present we must look to the past. As someone smarter than me once said. So we have included articles on the history of light bulbs and lighting. Why not have a read of  When did light bulbs become common in American homes?

Answering Your Questions

So you have questions. Not surprising. There are hundreds of different light bulbs out there. Made with different technologies. And designed for different things. For example, if you want to know what the lowest wattage light bulb is then you could read the article here.

Providing Advice

Lets face it we all love to give advice. And here at Light Bulb AtoZ we get to do it as a profession. Why not check out our double length article on What is the correct wattage for reading to get some home lighting advice.


We look through the major light bulb retailers: Lowes, Amazon and Home Depot, to name a few. Due to the massive number of available light bulbs it is not possible to physically review them all. So we take the online reviews and use them as part of our best of selection process. Along with price, lifetime and energy efficiency.

In short, we search for the best bulbs so that you don’t have to.

So please enjoy Light Bulb AtoZ. And if you want to tell us anything or suggest a topic for a new article or blog post then feel free to use the contact form.

Blog Posts

While writing articles is great, sometimes we come across a little nugget of info that we really want to share. So anything interesting but a little short we pop into our blog.

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