GU10 and MR16 light bulbs

GU10 vs MR16 bulbs

Introduction In this post I answer the question of what are GU10 vs MR16 light bulbs. GU10 is a connector Lets start with what GU10 is not. It is not a definition of the light bulb. Rather it defines the connector at the bottom of the bulb. GU stands for General Usage and the 10 …

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Three generations of light bulbs

Types of Bulbs

In this blog post we look at the different types of light bulbs. Covering the four main types normally available to buy. Types of Light Bulbs Incandescent Incandescents have a wire filament that is normally made from tungsten. The bulb is filled either with an inert (unreactive) gas or the air is removed to form …

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Introduction So, what is ENERGY STAR certified? In a nutshell: It is a government-backed scheme. Providing certification of energy efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees the scheme. Who does the testing? Over twenty independent certification bodies and more than 500 labs. All checking out the products. making sure they meet the strict standards for …

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